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In 1990, the Silent Witness initiative was established to promote education to support and end to Domestic Violence. The red , wooden, life size silhouettes, represent the men, women, and children that have tragically lost their lives as a result of Domestic Violence. The Silent Witness Exhibit honors their lives, their stories and their names .

Each of the purple flags represent a victim of a domestic violence related homicide in Ma in 2020.

Silent Witness 1 Silent Witness 2 Silent Witness 3

Grateful to Our Volunteers and Donors

We would like to recognize the contributions of Bev Weisman (781 784 2018) for her wonderful efforts tending to our Garden of Courage.

Bev's Card
Sand Heart
Joyful Heart

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Part of raising awareness around sexual assault is not only highlighting the work being done to bring it to an end, but also focusing on supporting the health and well-being of survivors. Especially during these weeks of uncertainty and isolation, we know that the pressure experienced by survivors of violence can significantly increase.

Pain and trauma can thrive in isolation. Here are some tools —- words, actions, and resources —- to help guide you during these difficult times.

  • Regularly and repeatedly check-in with yourself. Ask yourself, how is your mind and body—what emotions are you feeling? Common responses to trauma include tension, fear, anger, sadness, and maybe even feeling unsafe. Remind yourself that what you are experiencing is a common response to a traumatic event. If you are feeling in any way unsafe, reach out to a friend or a therapist to help create a safety plan. There are many medical professionals engaging in e-services -- don’t let a quarantine keep you from getting the care you need. Having a good source of support can make a difference in the healing process.
  • Know that your feelings are real, and be gentle with yourself in processing them. There are no right or wrong responses when coping with trauma. Allowing feelings to surface can make it easier to cope with them, but there are other helpful ways of addressing thoughts and feelings about a situation, such as talking, journaling, drawing, or creating art. Think about creating daily practices like exercise, relaxation, or breathing routines to help release tension and reduce stress.
  • Resources are available. Despite quarantine orders, hotlines to provide support to survivors are continuing to operate. Make sure that you reach out for help if you need it:

We hope these tools are useful as you navigate your path towards healing. Follow along on social media throughout the month of April as we share more information and resources to raise awareness about sexual assault.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another in an intimate relationship. It doesn’t have to be physical to be abuse. It can be verbal, emotional, sexual, economic or psychological.

This October, H.U. G.S. Sharon (Help Us Get Safe),is bringing awareness to Domestic Violence.

Look for our banner in the center of town the week of October 7th Also, outside the Fire Station, at our Garden of Courage there is a display of small purple flags representing the 13 people that have been the victims of DV homicides this year in MA (9 women, one man and 3 children). Inside the police station are red, wooden, life size silhouettes , Silent Witnesses, representing 2 of the Ma victims. Each one contains their story.

In front of the public library there is also a display of flags and a large wooden purple ribbon. Inside, there are books on display pertaining to DV.

The high school has a display of flags outside, and inside In the library, there are Silent Witnesses. The middle school has flags displayed inside.

We encourage everyone to help raise awareness about this critical issue.

2019 HUGS Sharon Annual Meeting — Hibachi Steakhouse, Norwood.

Sue Robinson, President of HUGS Sharon, presenting Sharon Ingala with the 2019 HUGS Sharon Community Hero Award in recognition of her never ending dedication to HUGS Sharon, as Treasurer for over 10 years.
Darcy and Jana Jana and Darcy the two newest members of the HUGS Sharon board.
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