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2019 Mitzvah Day at Temple Sinai, Sharon

HUGS Sharon members putting together Mother’s Day baskets for Mitzvah Day 2019 at Temple Sinai.

New Hope Educators

IMPORTANT SCHEDULING NOTE: This program, unfortunately, has been CANCELLED. A formal statement will be forthcoming.

The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project (CLP) was a program started on Cape Cod in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. It began as a way for women affected by violence to express their emotions on a shirt which was then hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others.  With the support of many, it has since spread world-wide. The Clothesline Project helps with the healing process for people who have lost loved ones, and educates and raises society’s awareness of the extent of intimate partner violence.

Here are some excerpts from some shirts:

 I learned the ABC’S in school

Then I learned them as an abused woman

    Abuse, Belittling,Control

Then I learned them as a survivor

  Alive, Beautiful and in Control of my own life

  I stand in silence when unkind words are said

I stand in silence for peace

I stand in silence to hide

I stand in silence so no one knows my fears

I stand in silence so people can think how brave, how wise she is

I’ve fooled them all –or have I?

I stand in silence because I don’t know what to say or do

I stand in silence because I am not brave or wise

I stand in silence to disappear so no one can see who I really am

But I will not stand in silence anymore!

The Silent Witness Exhibit

Remember my story

Remember my name


They stand in silence

They can’t speak a word

But yet, their voices need to be heard

Wooden silhouettes of what they used to be

All of their stories are cold realities.

The Silent Witness Exhibit is a nationwide traveling exhibit of free-standing, life-size red wooden silhouettes.  Each witness represents a woman, child or man who was murdered in Massachusetts due to acts of intimate partner violence in this year.  All witnesses have the name and the story of the person on its breast shield.  Because these individuals no longer have a voice, the silhouettes are called Silent Witnesses.

The Silent Witnesses are a visual and compelling way to touch people on a personal level. One in four women will be affected by DV in their lifetime.  By raising awareness of this issue the exhibit is a pro-active method to attempt to alert people to the fact that domestic violence does not discriminate.  It is an issue that affects everyone- even those in upscale communities.

On Tuesday, February 11th, Deana’s Educational Theater performed the play,” The Yellow Dress” for the senior class at the High School.  It was funded by the Sharon Credit Union and sponsored by H.U.G.S. Sharon. It is a one woman play about dating violence.  The play helps students recognize the different types of dating violence, how to identify the early warning signs, and where to seek help if they or a friend are involved in a violent relationship.To watch small scenes from the play please go to and click on” programs and then, The Yellow Dress.”

Donation to H.U.G.S. Sharon

Pamella D’Arcy, Harvard Pilgrim and Julie Rubinstein, President H.U.G.S.Sharon

HUGS Garden of Courage

Pamella D’Arcy, a nurse at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare wrote a mini grant to help support H.U.G.S.Sharon. Sheis pictured here with Julie Rubinstein, President of H.U.G.S.Sharon, presenting a check to us. Thank you Pamella!

In June, we planted a Garden of Courage at the Sharon Police Dept. to inspire and remind people driving by that we can provide assistance for people in a domestic abuse situation.

H.U.G.S.Sharon is a small nonprofit organization created to help make our community safer. Over the past ten years, some of our accomplishments include the following: we have sponsored plays in the schools that teach about healthy relationships and the consequences of sexting and cyberbullying ,have provided programming in the community on topics such as intimate partner violence, and bullying,have paid for lock changes, and hotel stays for members of the community in need, have donated a washer and dryer to the Norfolk Advocate for Children, and recently created and planted a Garden of Courage at the police department. H.U.G.S. Sharon which has worked with several JDI member programs including New Hope, DOVE, Family & Community Resources and Health Imperatives.


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