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February is TDVAM

February is a month where youth and adult allies come together to mobilize around the issue of teen dating violence. Teen dating violence is a pattern of behavior where one person uses intimidation, threats of or actual physical, emotional or sexual violence in order to maintain power and control over their partner.

Why is teen dating violence important? One in three teens will experience dating violence which can have a deep negative impact physically and psychologically. Only 1 in 3 youth experiencing dating violence have an adult they can confide in. Dating is starting even earlier, as early as 12 years old. And, some teens have been exposed to dating violence/domestic violence in their home. They are often sponges that absorb the behaviors they witness (in and out of the home). At Peace Over Violence, we believe that violence is preventable. If we can learn it, we can unlearn it. Healthy relationships can and are attainable when all parties have equal power and control in the relationship

THE 7 Cs

Make A Choice Campaign is about building healthy relationships one decision at a time, so it is important to understand how our actions affect those relationships. With the help of the 7 Cs, you can continue to maintain those healthy relationships long after TDVAM.

  1. CONDUCT: Having good conduct means consistently behaving in a way that is respectful of your partner whether they are around or not.
  2. COMMITMENT: How invested are you in your partner and their needs? Are you just friends, dating, or something more?
  3. COMMUNICATION: Are you and your partner speaking honestly and actively listening to each other?
  4. CONSIDERATION: When making decisions that could affect you or your relationship, do you think about your partner and their needs or desires?
  5. COMPROMISE: Relationships mean that sometimes you should put your partner’s needs before yours whenever you can’t quite come to an agreement, but they should also be doing the same for you.
  6. COMPATIBILITY: Do you and your partner have common interests, beliefs and values? Evaluating this early on will help you both understand how well you can work together in your relationship.
  7. CONSENT: Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have the right to do whatever you want to them, especially during sexual activity. Both partners have full autonomy and should always be able to give active and ongoing permission to each other.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse...

H.U.G.S. Sharon can help you overcome the obstacles you face when leaving an abusive situation.

H.U.G.S. Sharon provides, either directly or through referral:
  • Temporary emergency shelter
  • Transportation (to court, counseling, job training, employment and other services)
  • Food, clothing and personal care items
  • Home security survey (including lock change)
  • Limited financial assistance

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